Environmental Health Safety Policy

Our Policy

Hub Leather (Pvt) Ltd., the Company, is committed to the continuous improvement of environmental, health and safety performance to help achieve the greatest benefit for all our stakeholders. It is our policy to meet or exceed all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations, and to facilitate full and open discussion to address responsible standards and practices where laws and regulations do not exist. Accordingly, this Environmental, Health and Safety Policy is a standard by which the Company, its business units and employees are continually measured.

Our goals under this policy: Operations

  • Integrate environmental, health and safety stewardship into our core business activities.
  • Make environmental, health and safety considerations a core component in existing operations and in the planning, design and construction of new and expanded facilities, including the integration of physical risk management into our business and decision processes.
  • Establish a system for total employee involvement in environmental, health and safety processes and a means to measure that participation.


  • Promote environmental, health and safety awareness among customers and in the communities where we operate.
  • Provide environmental, health and safety training and promote awareness among all employees.
  • Cooperate and coordinate, in the spirit of partnership, with local, state and federal authorities and other stakeholders on environmental, health and safety matters and incidents.


  • Incorporate critical environmental, health and safety performance metrics into our existing management reporting systems. Include the achievement of high environmental, health and safety standards of excellence as a component of the performance review process for each employee.
  • Perform environmental, health and safety process assessments and independent compliance audits at a frequency appropriate to the size and nature of the operations and facilities, and implement corrective action. Perform evaluations of incidents and near misses through formal investigation including the identification of basic and root causes and steps to prevent reoccurrence of a similar event.
  • Assess environmental, health and safety risks of existing operations, new business ventures and acquisitions.
    Each employee is responsible for compliance with this policy and for implementing the policy within his or her area of responsibility.
  • The leadership is responsible for implementing management systems with appropriate standards and procedures to carry out this policy.
  • Health is an essential prerequisite without which individuals, families, communities and nation cannot hope to achieve their social and economic goals.

The policy paradigm is based on health & safety as a right and will be driven by the following key principles:


  • Daily removal of dirt & garbage.
  • Weekly cleaning arrangement of Floor f workroom by washing.
  • Availability of drains for wet processes.
  • Walls, partitions, ceilings, passage & staircases painted once in 5 years or when necessary.
  • Keep temperature within comfort level. Hot part of machine insulated.
  • Sufficient lighting (natural/artificial) in work area.
  • Make Standby Generator available for Emergency lighting overall factory.
  • Effective arrangement for filtered drinking water.
  • Sufficient Latrines separate for male & female workers with adequate ventilation, lighting & washing facility. Maintained in clean & sanitary condition.
  • Workers provided with a Hygiene Card for medical examination to be done Jan-Jul.
  • During working hours medical treatment provided at nearest hospital on Company expenses.
  • Adequate Canteen (eating area) provided.
  • Provision of means of escape in case of fire. Exist Doors with exit mark opens outwards and not lock. Passage kept free for fire escape.
  • Machines secured by safe guards.
  • First Aid Box should be available at specific areas.
  • Safe electrical installation isolate/segregate. Installation & regular maintenance of electrical equipments by qualified electricians.